Holding Tanks

holding tanks

300 Gal. Holding Tank
Six 3-inch (7.6 cm) recessed ports to
accommodate various plumbing configurations.
Two optional molded-in port (#7 and #8) for
side–by-side placement available upon request.
Tanks have no threaded or cemented joints.
Accepts Fernco connectors.

Ideal for construction sites, office trailers,
or for other bulk waste storage needs.
Tank slides easily underneath a trailer
300 gallon tank pictured. Other capacities are available.


Height 16.5 in (41 cm)
Width 53.5 in (1366 cm)
Depth 95 in (241 cm)
Capacity 300 gal. (1134 L)
Weight empty 130 lbs (58.5 kg)
HT01-0300 Holding Tanks